1/16 Mato 100% Metal M36 M10 Destroyer Infrared Ver KIT Remote Controlled Tank Barrel Recoil Servo Tracks Driving Wheels 1236 1210

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Item Condition:

1,New item.
2,The tank is KIT version, without tank mainboard, speaker, rc system, slip ring, battery, charger, and so on. ?
3,This tank is fully hand-made refitted.

After Sale Service:
If u have got a problem, please let me know first, we can help and tell you how to fix. We have the ability to handle any trouble of the tank.
We provide all components and parts of the tank.

The tank includes(This tank is very heavy):
Full metal alloy gearbox(Mato has some best gearboxes)
Barrel recoil servo
Barrel up and down servo

The tank doesn't include: (you need to buy and load by yourself)
4CH 2.4Ghz radio controller and receiver
Rotation system
2600mah Tank battery(we can provide better 5000mah battery, please contact.)
Charger(110V-220V) ?

100% Metal Parts:
Metal hull (the type is selected by yourself)
Metal tracks
Metal driving wheels
Metal Idler wheels
Full metal road wheels
5:1 metal gearboxes, please note this gearbox is almost the best gearbox
Metal barrel

Main Features:
100% Scale appearance of real tank.
Barrel recoil system
Infrared combating system supports more than two tanks fighting together. Once one of the tanks have been shot several times, the shot tank went into sleep condition.
Metal Tracks, metal driving wheels, metal idler wheels, stronger road holding strength.
Full metal road wheels, torsion bars, better springs supporting heavier tank weight
Full metal gearboxes, full strengthened alloy metal gears, better wear-resisting property.

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