Contact US

Hello, my friend, this is Godfrey, i am the Manager of Toucanhobby, If you want to find us more quickly, please use the following ways, including,

1, clicking bottom-right-cornor "Chat with us" button(we are often on busy condition so maybe you need try several ways to get an immediate contact), if we didn't reply, we will indeed get your message and will reply you within 24 hours at most.

2, searching on Facebook by key words "LZ Godfrey" or "toucanhobby", then you can get a hold of me.

3, if very urgent, please call me in English at (0086)18587856160 at HongKong working time. If not that urgent, you can email or SMS to me.

4, If you are more-fashion man, you could find our team members in many ways on Internet, such as Facebook and instagram, but you must be sure they are indeed from toucanhobby team.

5, Need my help? you could leave us your contact information on blanks below, i will get your contact info and reply you within 24 hours.