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1/14 LESU RC Metal Hydraulic Aoue ET30H Wheeled Excavator Model Pump Cabin Sticker Display Grapple Ripper Bucket Scraper Compactor

1/14 LESU RC Metal Hydraulic Aoue ET30H Wheeled Excavator Model Pump Cabin Sticker Display Grapple Ripper Bucket Scraper Compactor


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Brand: LESU
Item Condition: New,you can choice the painted or unpainted version, assemble or unassembled version.
Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloy, Brass
Pump: 8MPA, Flow Rate 400ml/ min
Directional Valve: 1PC 6CH, 1PC 2CH
ID: LS-RD-A0006

The Package Option Type 1 Includes:
1Set Unassembled and Unpainted 1/14 Excavator Body Parts
Hydraulic Valve Pump System
Light System

The Package Option Type 1 doesn't include:
Sound System
Radio System

The Package Option Type 2 Includes:
1/14 Excavator Assembled and Painted Model
Hydraulic Valve Pump System
Light System
FlySky PL18EV Remote Controller and Receiver
Flysky FTr10 Receiver
Flysky CEV04 Receiver

The Package Option Type 2 Doesn't Include:
Sound System

Only for experienced players! You need to prepare tools and patience because maybe you need to building this truck requires drilling, cutting and assembling!

The package option is selected by yourself. There are many upgrade accessories for you, you may choose anything you like!

After Sale Services

If you have got a broken item caused by shipping, please let me know first, we can easily help and tell you how to restore. It is unnecessary to open a case.
We have the ability to handle any trouble of these items and refitting.
We can provide upgrading parts but you must have the ability to install.


What is covered?

Any pre and after-sales problems such as materials, performance, breakage and transportation could get assistance from Toucanhobby .

All malfunctions that you feel too hard to solve could get help from Toucanhobby.

Accessories of most products could be collected for you by Toucanhobby, and we try our best, it is the best if you provide a picture directly.

How long does this coverage last?

All products that you have bought for a long time could still get help from Toucanhobby.

Who is covered?

Anyone who needs technical help can contact us directly any time.

We have some requirements for customers who bought PROFESSIONAL RC HOBBY PRODUCTS, especially concerning hydraulic system or relatively complicated electronic and radio system setting. We require our customer to be patient and be able to communicate with us, and be capable of handling modeling problems.

How do you protect your rights?

Contact us directly. It would be highly efficient for us to solve problems if you could provide the order number, transaction ID, pictures and videos of the product at one time.

What will we do?

We will communicate with you within 24 hours after getting your message or email, and then confirm the issue, offer technical help and satisfactory solutions, and be responsible till the end.

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