Henglong 1:8 Scale Full Metal German Tiger I RC Tank 3818 RTR Model Track Wheel Barrel Recoil 360° Turret Smoke Unit Transmitter

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Brand: Henglong
Item Condition: New, assembled and unpainted.
Material: Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Zinc Alloy
Length: 1040.4MM
Width: 460.4MM
Height: 378.2MM
Net Weight: 60KG
Remote Control: 2.4GHZ
Battery: 24V, 13.1Ah Lead-acid Battery
Charging Time: 5H
Playing Time: about 50 minutes

This package includes:
1PC 1/8 Metal Tiger 1 Tank Model
1PC 2.4G Radio controller
1Set BB pellets
1PC 13.1Ah Lead-acid Battery
English manual book
Smoke liquid (Maybe it can not be shipped to your country coz of the shipping rule, pls forgive it.)

Main Features:
1, finely processed, 100% Scale appearance of real tank.
2, Pivot steering. This is very cool.!
3, Each action acts with real tank mechanical sound.
4, Like real tank firing, shooting 9mm BB pellets with COOL hull-recoil action and firing sound effect. Shooting range about 20m.
5, Control turret 360 degrees rotation.
6, Control barrel up and down almost 30 degrees.
7, Emulational tank lights of LED.
8, Smoking like real tank from "engine", you need to drop liquid into the tank(please note maybe we can not ship liquid to some countries).
9, 2.4Ghz radio control system, it supports many similar tanks combating together without radio intervening.
10, Barrel Recoil Effect.
11, Super heavy tank, net weight is about 60KG.
12, With 13.1Ah lead-acid battery and playing time is about 50minutes.
13, You can upgrade your infrared combating system and PFV system on it.

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