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Toucan 1/14 Unpainted 3 Axles Highline RC Tractor Truck Trailer Radio Controlled Car Hobby Models KIT 35T Motor

Toucan 1/14 Unpainted 3 Axles Highline RC Tractor Truck Trailer Radio Controlled Car Hobby Models KIT 35T Motor


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Item number:HH-140436
Material: Metal, Plastic

Item Condition: New and NOT painting unassembled
New and Unassembled Condition.
Not Painting

The Package Includes:
1PC High Top Tractor Truck (several hundreds of unassembled part) You need to assemble it by yourself,so this truck only suitable for experienced players.
One brushed 35T motor
English manual book(Don't rely totally on manual book, coz some content may be very confusing, and certain parts are wrong)

The package doesn't include:
One digital servo for steering
One digital servo for shifting (this one is a little hard to load, you need to adjust)
1060A ESC
7.4V NIMH Battery
FS-i6S+iA6B Radio
Corresponding Charger

About Upgradability:
1, Sound System
There is a sound system with 3 kinds of engine sound and 4 kinds of speaker sound. And you can add the separate whistle sound and separate speaker sound system also.
2, LED lights System
There is a LED light system with 7 kinds of light£¨High beam, Low beam, Toplight, Back-up light, Brake lamp, Turn signal, Fog light£©and a BB ring alarm sound.
3, Smoke
There is a Idle smoke function system,but you need to use 3-4S(11.1v-14.8V) Battery if you install it.
4, Important driving system parts
5, Many hardware parts
6, Matches many trailers

This model takes a lot of time to assemble.
Lacking manipulative ability will result in reducing your satisfaction of purchasing and playing the truck.
Suitable for people with manipulative ability
Not suitable for people without interest to maintain the tractor truck and exchange parts.
Please be cautious to buy this hobby product!

1, What are the general features of the tractor truck?
1), This model is 1/14 full scale Hobby-Grade(Not Toy-Grade) RC tractor truck like a real one in appearance.
2), The important part of this tractor truck is almost 100% the same as a real one, such as multi-Speed transmission gearbox and differential axle.
3), Assembling this model could be a very good lesson and a meaningful experience to a truck hobbyist or a kid interested in inner structure of a real automobile.
4), this model set comes with 200-500pcs of loose parts, contains at least several hundreds of installation procedure steps almost. You need to assemble by yourself
5), Many parts could be upgraded.
6), Suitable for many kinds of 1/14 trailer

2, How is the quality of this model?
As a plastic version of tractor truck, the general quality is good. But, coz this model set has several hundreds pcs of small parts, few small parts maybe will make you very confused. , so that, you must be very patient and careful to assemble.
As a experienced player, i suggest you upgrade main parts in the future.

3, Does it get glitches in running?
Yes, maybe, it depends on your manipulative installation ability. The truck is plastic version, though all parts is scale to real automobile, I think a plastic truck is not very solid, the model will wear a little in running. I suggest you upgrade some main parts.
4, How long can i complete assembling job?
Almost 2-10 days, you could complete assembling job of this plastic KIT version, if you want to upgrade it, you need another some days.
5, Is this tractor truck a RTR version?
This is only a KIT version, it comes with all loose plastic parts, motor, servo, but not battery, servo and RC system. You could buy battery, servo and RC system from us separately.

After Sale Service:
If u have got a broken package, please let me know first, we know every part of this tractor truck and can help and tell you how to fix. We have the ability to handle any trouble of the tank.
We provide all parts of the tractor truck but you must has the manipulative ability to install.

After Sale Services

If you have got a broken item caused by shipping, please let me know first, we can easily help and tell you how to restore. It is unnecessary to open a case.
We have the ability to handle any trouble of these items and refitting.
We can provide upgrading parts but you must have the ability to install.


All products warranty keeps compliance with the factory policies. 

All products that you have bought for a long time could still get help from Toucanhobby.

All shipping breakage situation(pictures&videos) could be sent to Toucanhobby, we will help customers.

All malfunctions that you feel too hard to solve could get help from Toucanhobby. Sometimes we need some time to edit aftersale documents. 

Accessories of most products could be collected for you by Toucanhobby, we try our best, you'd better directly provide a picture.

If we did something wrong in shipping, or product inconsistance,  Toucanhobby should be responsible for the deal to the end.

We have some requirements for customers who bought PROFESSIONAL RC HOBBY PRODUCTS, especially concerning hydraulic system or relatively complicated electrionic and radio system setting, we require our customer to be patient and be able to communicate with us, and be capable of handling modeling problems.

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