Hercules 2Axles 3Axles Low Top Radio Control Metal Chassis Benzs Tractor Truck Unassembled Motor Part for 1/14 TAMlIYA DIY Car Model

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Item number:HH-140428
Material: Metal, Plastic

Item Condition:
New and Unassembled Condition.

The package includes:
All parts (2Axles/3Axles,the type is selected by yourself; several hundreds of unassembled part)
One Brushed motor
English manual book (Don't rely totally on manual book, coz some content may be very confusing, and 1% certain parts and steps are wrong)

The package doesn't include:
7.4V NIMH Battery
One digital servo for steering
One digital servo for shifting
Any brand RC controller and receiver, we recommend FS brand.
Model tools, such as knife, driver, driller, power glue, grease lubrication(not liquid lube)
Sometimes we can not ship our grease lube and power glue, so you must get it ready by yourself.

About Upgradability:
1, Sound System
There is a sound system with 3 kinds of engine sound and 4 kinds of speaker sound. And you can add the separate whistle sound and separate speaker sound system also.
2, LED lights System
There is a LED light system with 7 kinds of light High beam, Low beam, Toplight, Back-up light, Brake lamp, Turn signal, Fog light and a BB ring alarm sound.
3, Smoke
There is a Idle smoke function system, but you need to use 3-4S(11.1v-14.8V) Battery if you install it.
4, Important driving system parts
5, Many hardware parts
6, Matches many trailers

KIT version: it comes with all unassembled plastic parts, and one motor, without ESC, servo, battery, RC system and so on.
KIT-E Version: it comes with all unassembled plastic parts, and motor, ESC, servo, RC system, without battery.

1, What are the features of the tractor truck?
1), This model is 1/14 full scale Hobby-Grade(Not Toy-Grade) RC tractor truck, all parts are like real one.
2), Working principle is like real truck, such as some kernel parts, multi-Speed transmission gearbox and differential axle.
3), Assembling it a very good lesson and experience to a truck hobbyist interested in inner structure of a real automobile.
4), Comes with several hundreds of unassembled, requires at least several hundreds of installation procedure steps.
5), Parts could be upgraded, like a real car. LED, Sound, Smoke, and so on. :)
6), Matches 1/14 trailer

2, How is the quality of this model?
As a plastic kit version of tractor truck, the general quality is already very good. When you assembling, you will meet some little difficulties and little misfit(1%), it is normal and require you have excellent manipulative ability, then you could make this truck to be a better, and personalized one. So this is not a child toy, how well the truck is assembled totally depends on your own manipulative and refitting ability.

3, Does it get glitches in running?
Maybe. The general quality is good, but it is normal that you need to maintain it like real truck. And you can upgrade in the future.

4, How long can i complete assembling job?
Almost 2-10 days, depends on your manipulative ability.

5, Is this tractor truck a RTR version?
No, this is just the KIT version. The following is some terms:

There are many upgrade accessories for you, you may choose anything you like!

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