XDRC 1/14 Hydraulic RC Excavator Upgraded 5CH Valve for PL18EV Radio Liebhe 945 Painted Assembled Digger W/ Light Sound System

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Item Condition:
Brand: XDRC
Scale: 1/14
Item Condition: New, Assembled, and Painted
Color: Orange / Yellow
Material: Metal, Plastic
Weight: 24KG
Size: 800*265*240mm
ID: XDRC-BA-945Excavator-5CHValve-PL18EV-RTR-OG-ZH

The Package Includes:
1/14 Hydraulic RC Excavator Model
Quick Coupler
Light System
Sound System
Rotating Light
Hydraulic System (with 5CH Reversing Valve)
PL18EV Radio System

The package doesn't include:
Hydraulic Oil

Main Features:
1. Maximum digging radius: 820MM.
2. Maximum excavation height: 820MM.
3. Maximum excavation depth: 420MM
4. Almost all parts are made of metal (The lamp housing, the mirrors, and the interior are plastic)
5. The driving motor adopts a brushless motor, combined with an exclusive planetary reducer, which makes the excavator move about 35% faster than other excavator models, and can provide strong power.
6. The hydraulic pump uses a brushless motor with rated pressure of 3.5MPA
7. The excavator comes with a 3CH reversing valve, we have a 5CH reversing valve for upgraded parts, please contact me if you need it.

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