TOYAN Methanol Mini Engine Water Cooling 4 Stroke Single Cylinder Desktop Model S100WA1 Exhaust Pipe Fan Blades Timing Belt

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Material: Metal, Plastic
Net Weight: 380g
Size: 100.5x85.4x86.5 (mm)
Displacement: 3.5cc
Practical rpm: 2500-13500rpm
Output: 0.5ps@11500rpm
Bore: 16.6mm
Stroke: 17.0mm
Cooling Mode: Water Cooling
Fuel: Methanol
ID: TY-FS-S100WA1-SingleCylinder-Water-MeOH

The Package Includes:
Engine Body*1
Motor + Ten Teeth Adapte*1
Exhaust Pipe*1
Fan Blades*7
Timing Belt*1
Motor Bracket Gasket*1
Motor Fixing Screw*2
Instruction Book*1

The Package Doesn't Include:
Glow Plug*1
ESC*1 (with Ignition Module)
7.4V Lithium Battery*1
Fuel Tank
Oil Pipe
Water Cooling Tank Sets
Water Storage Tank
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