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US Stock Henglong 1:16 RC Military Battle Tanks Remote Controlled Panzer DF Merkava MK IV 3958 Upgraded Edition Electric Model

US Stock Henglong 1:16 RC Military Battle Tanks Remote Controlled Panzer DF Merkava MK IV 3958 Upgraded Edition Electric Model


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Manufacturer: Henglong
Item Condition: New
ID: HL-70-3958-1M-SS

The package includes:
Remote Controller
BB pellets
Infrared combating Transmitter(supporting multi-player tank war)
Infrared combating Receiver
Idle smoking generator
1800mah Tank battery(we can provide a better 5000mah-6000mah battery with charger, please contact.)
USB Universal Charger
English manual book(Don't rely on a manual book, BECAUSE sometimes the book is wrong and outdated)

Metal Parts:
Suspension Arm
Driving Gearbox

Main Features:
1. Equipped with an IMI 120mm smoothbore gun for realistic battle simulation.
2. Features a 12.7mm M2 HB machine gun for added realism.
3. Smoke grenade launchers that can simulate the use of smoke screens during battles.
4. Laser warning sensor that adds an extra level of realism to the simulation.
5. Gunner's sight for an immersive and realistic experience.
6. Includes a 7.62mm FN MAG machine gun to add to the simulation.
7. Commander's hatch that can be rotated for added realism.
8. Fully independent commander's sight for a more realistic experience.
9. Equipped with a radio antenna to simulate communication during battle.
10. Includes a meteorological/cross-wind sensor-mast to add to the simulation experience.
11. The ball and chain strap for use against the RPG shoulder-launched anti-tank weapon adds a realistic touch to the simulation.
12. Tow hook for added realism during transport and deployment.
13. Features an MTU883 1,500 hp V12 water-cooled diesel engine for realistic sound effects.
14. Includes a travel lock for added realism during transport.
15. Driving lights add to the overall realism of the model.
16. Exhaust grille for added realism and detail.
17. Driver's hatch that can be opened and closed for a more immersive experience.
18. Side skirt armor for added detail and realism.
19. Features a drive wheel for added realism during movement.
20. Road wheels to simulate movement and provide a more realistic appearance.
21. Includes an idler wheel for added detail and realism.
22. Single-pin track for added realism and authenticity during movement.

About IDF Merkava MK IV:
The Israeli Ministry of Defense hosted a roll-out ceremony for the new Merkava MK IV main battle tank on June 24, 2002. The 65-ton Merkava MK IV entered full production in 2001 and is scheduled to be in service with the Israel Defense Forces by 2004. The Ministry of Defense plans to manufacture between 50 and 70 Merkava MK IV tanks per year, with initial estimates indicating that up to 400 tanks will be produced.
The Merkava MK IV has undergone significant improvements, including new armor protection, gun systems, and electronics. It is slightly larger than the Merkava III Baz, which has been in service with the IDF since 1990. The Merkava II is available for export through SIBAT, based in Tel Aviv.
While the Merkava IV is not available for export, its systems and components are exported. The tank is capable of carrying eight infantry soldiers, a Command Group, or three litter patients (stretcher casualties) in addition to the tank crew, which includes a commander, loader, gunner, and driver. The tank can fire on the move at moving targets and has demonstrated a high hit probability in firing against attack helicopters using conventional anti-tank munitions.

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