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IN STOCK Toucan Hobby DT11 1/10 RC Hydraulic Bulldozer Heavy Duty Giant PL18EV Remote Control Dozer Car Model Assembled Painted Toy

IN STOCK Toucan Hobby DT11 1/10 RC Hydraulic Bulldozer Heavy Duty Giant PL18EV Remote Control Dozer Car Model Assembled Painted Toy


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Condition: New, Assembled and Painted.
Material: Metal, Plastic
Net Weight: About 110KG
Size: About 110x67x50cm
Scale: 1/10
ID: BSM-1-10-BA-D11TBulldozer-RTR-YBK

※The Package Includes:
1/10 RC Hydraulic Bulldozer Model
Hydraulic System with 5-way Reversing Valve and Double Pump
Sound System
Light System
Smoking Unit
FlySky PL18EV Remote Controller and Receiver

※The Package Does Not Include:
Hydraulic Oil

1. Multi-Function Control: This bulldozer model comes equipped with a 5-way directional valve system, allowing precise control over various actions. It can control the rear plow, raise and lower the front blade, tilt the front blade up and down, and tilt the front blade left and right, providing a realistic and versatile bulldozing experience.
2. Lighting and Sound Systems: Enhancing the realism, the model features both a lighting system and a sound system. The lights replicate working headlights and taillights, while the sound system mimics engine and operational sounds, immersing you in the bulldozing experience.
3. Smoke Simulation: With a smoke device integrated into the model, it can emit simulated exhaust smoke, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your bulldozing activities.
4. Dual Pump Hydraulic System: The bulldozer's hydraulic system is designed with a dual pump setup, ensuring efficient and responsive control over the bulldozer's movements, making it suitable for various tasks and terrain types.
5. Impressive Weight: This model boasts a substantial net weight of 110 kilograms, making it a giant in the world of RC bulldozer models. The weight adds to the model's stability and realism, providing an unmatched experience in terms of scale and authenticity.

This 1/10 RC Hydraulic Bulldozer Model offers enthusiasts a highly detailed and functional construction vehicle experience. With its extensive control options, realistic features, and substantial weight, it is designed to provide an immersive and impressive bulldozing experience.

Note: Smoking oil cannot be sent by international express. You need to buy smoke oil (ethylene glycol) locally.

※If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item that you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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What is covered?

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