Fury Bear 2+5 Trailer Hydraulic Lifting for TAMIYA 1/14 RC Tractor Truck Heavy Trailer Radio Controlled MAN DIY Car

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Item condition: new, almost assembled & painted.
Scale: 1/14
Material: metal, plastic, rubber
Size: 1609x262x75mm
Weight: about 2.2kg
Recommended Battery: 2S-Lipo battery(Not included)
Suitable for: 1/14 TAMIYA RC tractor truck, DIY models
ID: NX-2Axle-5Axle-Trailer-HydraulicLifting-ZH

The package Option-NX-2Axle-5Axle-Trailer-HydraulicLifting includes:
1/14 RC trailer model
Light system (Note: The lighting system will only work in the following two situations: 1. Connect it to the Fury Bear sound system; 2. Modify the wires and connect the wires to a light system by yourself. Otherwise, the lights will not work)
Hydraulic Lifting System

The package Option-NX-2Axle-5Axle-Trailer-HydraulicLifting doesn't include:
Remote control

The package Option-NX-FlatModule-Long includes:
1pc Flat Module

1. The trailer can only use 2S-Lipo (power battery) or a battery with full power voltage not exceeding 8.4V. If you use a 3S battery or exceed the calibration voltage, the steering gear will burn directly! Avoid it! ! And confirm that the plug is positive and negative, the product comes standard with an XT60 plug.
2. Trailer tires need to be installed by themselves and are recommended to be glued. If a heavy load is required, it is necessary to install the matching tire liner, otherwise it will easily cause the tire to fall off.
3. The maximum load capacity of the trailer is 100KG (limit test value), it is recommended not to exceed 80KG, and driving on a smooth road surface. Heavy overload or overload for a long time may cause damage to the suspension structure of the chassis, spring resilience of the shock absorber, and damage to the hub bearing. Problems such as wheel hub deformation, etc., the above situation is normal loss, not a quality problem. It is recommended not to overload and not overload.
4. When the trailer is heavily loaded, the weight should be evenly distributed on each wheel as much as possible. If the trailer is too far forward or backward, the chassis structure may be damaged.

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item that you want, pls feel free to ask me before purchase.

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