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1/14 LESU 8x8 RC Metal Painted and Assembled Hydraulic Crane Dumper Tipper Truck RTR Electric Dump Car Servo Motor ESC

1/14 LESU 8x8 RC Metal Painted and Assembled Hydraulic Crane Dumper Tipper Truck RTR Electric Dump Car Servo Motor ESC



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Brand: LESU
Condition: New, Painted and Assembled
Scale: 1/14
Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Plastic, Rubber
Truck Color: Green
Crane Color: Red & Black

The Package Includes:
1/14 LESU Benz RC 8*8 Dumper Truck
Metal Crane
Hydraulic System
Sound System
Light System
FlySky Paladin PL18EV Remote Controller and Receiver

The Package Doesn't Include:
Hydraulic Oil

Main Feature:
1, LESU produces some of the most advanced Hobby-Grade RC metal trucks! This hydraulic dumper comes with A hydraulic crane.
2, This hydraulic crane comes with lights, a hydraulic pump and ESC, a brushed rotary motor and ESC, and a 7-way reversing valve & relief valve. The full metal crane is more simulated and more refined and makes this truck more like a real truck. There are 7 pieces of 12G servos to control the 7-way reversing valve, the valve made of brass.
3, The chassis of this truck is metal and it comes with metal small housing differential axles, a 2-speed metal gearbox, a 2/1 differential transfer box, metal suspensions, metal CVD shafts, metal beams, metal bucket and metal wheel hubs full metal chassis is more simulated and more refined.
4, There are two metal front axles with flange-head and two rear axles, both of them are small housing axles that can save the space of this chassis and make the chassis cleaner. These four axles are connected by four lock differential wires and are finally controlled by a servo so that you can control all wheels to stay the same speed or different speed at any time which is suitable for a variety of terrain.
5, 2-Speed metal gearbox with 540 27T brushed motor and 320A brushed ESC for the power system. There is a 2/1 differential transfer box to control the front and rear axles to maintain the same speed or different speeds.
6, The cabin is made of ABS plastic, and it contains the seat, steering wheel and instrument cluster.
7, This dumper comes with 2 ways brass valve and metal oil pump, metal pump comes with a 2212A-930KV brushless motor and a 35A brushless ESC. The maximum working pressure of the oil pump is 25kg/cm2, the rated working pressure is about 20kg/cm2, and the flow is 100ml/min. This hydraulic system can lift about 20kg!
7, The oil cylinder made of brass makes the hydraulic system more airtight, 4 pieces cylinders enable the dumper to complete two actions: self-unloading and full unloading.
8, Metal air tank, toolbox, oil tank and side bumper make this dumper more like a real dumper.
9, 3T sound system can provide 3 kinds of engine sound, V8, V6 and L6 engine sound, and this dumper also comes with a light system.
10, There are some of the upgraded items for the dumper, such as waste bin, vacuum tank and trailer shelves, just contact me!

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item that you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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