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LESU 1/14 RC Hydraulic Equipment Remote Controlled Backhoe Loader AOUE BL71 2 in 1 Excavator Model PL18EVLite Painted Assembled

LESU 1/14 RC Hydraulic Equipment Remote Controlled Backhoe Loader AOUE BL71 2 in 1 Excavator Model PL18EVLite Painted Assembled



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Manufacturer: LESU
Product Condition: New, Assembled and Painted.
Scale: 1/14
Material: Metal, Plastic
Model Net Weight: About 8.4KG
Model Size: 513*214*283mm

The Package Includes:
1/14 Painted and Assembled Metal 2-in-1 Hydraulic RC Backhoe Loader Excavator
Hydraulic System
Light System
Sound System
Rotating Light
PL18EV Lite RC Controller and Receiver

The Package Does Not Include:
Hydraulic Oil

1. Front and rear aluminum alloy wheels, high-quality rubber tire covers, full drive 4 * 4 power differential locking axle, and the reduction ratio of front and rear axles is 1:2.7.
2. CNC metal shell; The front shovel is equipped with a stainless steel bucket, and the bucket has a hydraulic opening and closing function.
3. Front fork, hydraulic front shovel, hydraulic bucket, one machine with multiple functions; The rear digging arm is equipped with a digging assembly to move laterally, and the digging range is larger.
4. Hydraulic support leg, more stable operation.
5. The rotary cab seat allows the driver to operate at both ends and has a higher degree of simulation.
6. The hydraulic system is equipped with a hydraulic reversing valve, switching valve, brushless ESC, oil pump, fine stainless steel oil cylinder, overflow valve and other hydraulic components to form a precise hydraulic system, which is more coordinated and linear.
7. Equipped with a light system and sound system, it is more simulated and the whole body is full of details.
8. High simulation spraying to restore the real machine paint to a greater extent.

Maximum operating height: 364mm
Height of bucket hinge pin from the ground: 255mm
Minimum ground clearance: 24mm
Height of shovel teeth from the ground: 200mm
Outside width of tire: 196mm
Bucket tilt angle: 39 ??
Distance between bucket teeth and tipper linkage: 89mm
Height from the top of the cab to the ground: 244mm
Wheelbase: 169mm
Distance between the rear wheel and rotating seat: 134mm
Maximum distance between rotating seat and bucket: 477mm
Distance between the rotating base and the highest point: 283mm
Height of shovel teeth from the ground: 282mm
Height from the highest point to the ground: 416mm
Excavation depth: 330mm

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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