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Metal Chassis for LESU 1/16 4X4 1050 RC Tractors Remote Control Car Model Kits Unpainted Hobby Model DIY Spare Parts

Metal Chassis for LESU 1/16 4X4 1050 RC Tractors Remote Control Car Model Kits Unpainted Hobby Model DIY Spare Parts



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Manufacturer: LESU
Item Condition: New, Unpainted and Unassembled
Scale: 1/16
Material: Metal, Plastic
Net Weight: 4.7KG
Chassis Size: 390*215*220mm
Wheelbase: 208mm

¡ùThe Package Includes:
1/16 Metal Chassis Model Parts
Light System

¡ùThe Package Does Not Include:
Cabin Shell
Sound System
Remote Controller and Receiver

1. Four-wheel Drive with Built-in Differential:
- Equipped with four-wheel drive capability.
- Integrated differential system within the front and rear axles for superior traction control.

2. Front Axle with Suspension:
- Front axle designed with suspension for enhanced stability and smooth driving experience.

3. Rear Hook with Lifting System:
- Rear hook with the option to attach and extend various accessories.
- Integrated lifting system for raising and lowering attachments.

4. Front Hook:
- Front hook with the flexibility to attach additional accessories as needed.

5. Central Differential System:
- Features a central differential to balance speed and power distribution between front and rear axles.

6. Brushed Motor Drive:
- Powered by a reliable brushed motor for efficient and consistent performance.

7. High-Quality Rubber Tires:
- Fitted with high-quality rubber tires for excellent grip and durability on various terrains.

8. Realistic Side Decorations and Exhaust Vents:
- Detailed and realistic decorations on both sides of the chassis.
- Exhaust vents for added visual authenticity.
- Reserved spaces for customization and modifications.

9. CNC Machined Chassis:
- Chassis crafted through CNC machining, ensuring precision and aesthetic appeal.

10. High Torque Steering Servo:
- Equipped with a high-torque steering servo for responsive and agile maneuvering.

¡ùTechnical Specifications:
- Minimum Ground Clearance: 35 mm
- Axle Gear Ratio: 1:3
- Motor Speed: 196 RPM at 12V
- Front Wheel Specs: Diameter 113 mm, Width 42.4 mm
- Rear Wheel Specs: Diameter 146.5 mm, Width 54.5 mm

¡ùIf you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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