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1/14 LESU SK5LC RC Digger Remote Control Hydraulic Excavator Painted Assembled Vehicles DIY Hobby Models Optional Versions

1/14 LESU SK5LC RC Digger Remote Control Hydraulic Excavator Painted Assembled Vehicles DIY Hobby Models Optional Versions


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Manufacturer: LESU
Item Condition: New, Painted and Assembled
Scale: 1/14
Material: Metal, Plastic
Net Weight/KG: 18.6
Product Size/mm£º58*443*255 (L *W*H)

The Package Includes:
1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator Model £¨The tracks are black)
Hydraulic System
Light System
Sound System
Smoke Unit
Quick Release Coupler

There are some attachments for optional upgrade, the package option is selected by yourself.
RC Controller and Receiver

The Package Does Not Include:
Hydraulic Oil

Technical Specifications:
Cab Top Height from Ground/mm: 251.9
Maximum Unloading Height/mm: 537.7
Height of Working Platform Bottom from Ground/mm: 96
Maximum Digging Depth/mm: 549.9
Total Length of Tracks/mm: 39.5
Maximum Digging Radius/mm: 853
Distance between Center of Drive Wheel and Guide Wheel on Track/mm: 316
Maximum Ground Digging Radius/mm: 534.5
Bottom Height of X Frame from Ground/mm: 37.9
Track Gauge/mm: 196
Minimum Swing Radius/mm: 32.9
Track Width/mm: 43
Maximum Digging Height/mm: 751.1
Overall Width of Excavator/mm: 256
Rotation Speed (r/min): 1
Travel Drive Wheel Speed (r/min): 42
Rotation Drive Reduction Ratio: 1:2
Travel Drive Reduction Ratio: 1:37
Rotation Motor Speed (r/min): 15
Travel Motor Speed (r/min): 14
Maximum Pressure of Hydraulic Workstation/MPa: 4
Number of Shifts for Reversing Valve: 6
Rated Pressure of Hydraulic Workstation/MPa: 3
Number of Hydraulic Pumps: 1

1. Hydraulic Arm and Large Cylinder Design: Featuring a hydraulic arm with precision engineering and a large cylinder design, this RC excavator provides realistic digging and lifting actions. The attention to detail extends to the entire machine, including authentic lighting that enhances its visual appeal and realism.

- Realistic Hydraulic Functionality: The hydraulic arm and large cylinders enable lifelike movements, allowing the excavator to mimic the actions of its real-life counterpart with precision and accuracy.

2. Newly Designed Overflow Valves for Reliable Oil Circuit: Equipped with newly designed overflow valves, the oil circuit system of the excavator is highly reliable. This innovative design ensures smooth operation and prevents issues related to hydraulic pressure, enhancing the overall performance and durability of the model.

3. High-quality Copper Welding in 8% of the Oil Circuit System, 9% Metal Construction: The oil circuit system features 8% copper welding, ensuring superior conductivity and durability. Additionally, 9% of the entire excavator is constructed from metal, enhancing its strength and robustness.

4. Modular Design with Aluminum Alloy Excavator Arm and Counterweight: The excavator features a modular design, allowing for easy assembly and maintenance. The aluminum alloy excavator arm and counterweight are precisely CNC machined, ensuring structural integrity and stability during operation.

- Easy Assembly and Maintenance: The modular design simplifies both assembly and maintenance processes, allowing enthusiasts to quickly put together the model and perform any necessary repairs or upgrades with ease.

5. Precision Hydraulic System for Smooth and Coordinated Movements: The excavator boasts a high-precision hydraulic system that enables coordinated, smooth, and linear movements. This advanced system ensures that the excavator responds to controls with accuracy and agility, providing a satisfying and realistic user experience.

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