Hercules 1/14 8*4 4 Axles Metal Chassis Hydraulic Radio Controlled Benzs Dumper for RC TAMIlYA Truck DIY Car Model W/ Motor ESC

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KIT version: it comes with model body and one motor, without ESC, servo, battery, RC system and so on.

Item Condition: New, Unpainted and Unassembled Condition.
Material: Metal,Plastic
ID: HH-140431

The Package includes:
1PC 4 Axles Metal Dumping Truck U Type Dumper (You need to assemble it by yourself,so this truck only suitable for experienced players.)
Two Brushed 35T motor
One 1050A ESC

The package doesn't include:
7.4v 5000mah NIMH Battery
One 1060A ESC
One digital servo for steering
One digital servo for shifting
FS-i6S+iA6B Radio
Model tools, such as knife, driver, driller, power glue, grease lubrication(not liquid lube)
Sometimes we can not ship our grease lube and power glue, so you must get it ready by yourself.

About Upgradability:
1, Sound System
There is a sound system with 3 kinds of engine sound and 4 kinds of speaker sound. And you can add the separate whistle sound and separate speaker sound system also.
2, LED lights System
There is a LED light system with 7 kinds of light¡ꡧHigh beam, Low beam, Toplight, Back-up light, Brake lamp, Turn signal, Fog light¡ê?and a BB ring alarm sound.
3, Smoke
There is a Idle smoke function system,but you need to use 3-4S(11.1v-14.8V) Battery if you install it.
4, Important driving system parts
5, Many hardware parts
6, Matches many trailers

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