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FlySky MG7 Transmitter R7D Receiver 7 Channels Remote Controller for 1/14 RC Car Boat Plane Vehicle Hobby Model Fittings

FlySky MG7 Transmitter R7D Receiver 7 Channels Remote Controller for 1/14 RC Car Boat Plane Vehicle Hobby Model Fittings



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Manufacturer: FLYSKY
Product Model?¨ºo FS-MG7
Compatible Receivers?¨ºo FS-R7D, receivers with ANT protocol
Compatible Models?¨ºo Cars or boats
Number of Channels?¨ºo 7
RF?¨ºo2.4GHz ISM
Maximum Power ?¨ºo< 20dBm (e.i.r.p.) ??EU?¨º?
2.4GHz Protocol?¨ºo ANT
Distance?¨ºo >150m (Ground distance without interference)
Input Power?¨ºo 4~9V DC/AAA*4 (The battery is not included)
Working Current?¨ºo 83mA/6V
Low Voltage Alarm ?¨ºo< 4.2V
Antenna?¨ºo Single built-in antenna
Online Update?¨ºo No
Temperature Range ?¨ºo-10?? ~ +60??
Humidity Range?¨ºo20% ~ 95%
Color?¨ºo Black
Dimensions ?¨ºo120.5*72.6*145.2mm
Weight?¨ºo 134g
Certifications CE, FCC ID: 2A2UNMG700

The Package Includes:
1PC MG7 Transmitter
1PC R7D Receiver

About R7D Receiver:
Product Model: FS-R7D
Compatible Transmitters: FS-G7P(Surface transmitters with ANT protocol)
Model Type: Cars
PWM Channels: 7
Numbers of Light Interface: 6
RF: 2.4GHz ISM
2.4G Protocol: ANT
Antenna: Single external antenna(Coaxial)
Input Power: 3.5 ?? 9V /DC
Working Current: < 90mA??5V?¨º?
Data Output: PWM/PPM
Maximum Power: < 20dBm (e.i.r.p.) ??EU?¨º?
Distance: >300m(Ground distance without interference)
Online Update: Yes
Water Proof: PPX4
Color: Black
Temperature Range: -10?? ~ +60??
Humidity Range: 20%~95%
Dimensions: 35*23.3*13.3mm
Weight: 8g
Certifications: CE, FCC ID?¨ºo2A2UNR7D00

1. The FS-MG7 uses the ANT protocol, which has low power consumption and low latency, and can control the car up to a distance of 200m.
2. The FS-MG7 has a compact size of 120.5x72.6x145.2mm and weighs only 134g, making it convenient to carry around while traveling.
3. The FS-MG7 is compatible with ANT protocol receivers, making it adaptable to various scenarios and providing a variety of experiences.
4. The FS-MG7 has a rich variety of adjustable functions, meeting the needs of most model adjustments.
5. The FS-MG7 comes with a colorful adjustable ambient light to enhance the playing atmosphere and experience.
6. Compared to other transmitters of the same size, the FS-MG7 has 7 channels, including buttons, knobs, and other types of controls, providing a diverse selection of controls and model types.
7. The FS-MG7 supports a beginner mode for those new to RC car driving.
8. The FS-MG7 uses sponge handwheels, which have adjustable travel, providing a more refined and precise control experience.
9. The FS-MG7 has multiple sets of model data that can be used, avoiding the need to switch models manually and allowing for easy switching between multiple model types.

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item that you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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