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Degree 996 8 Axles Metal Painted 1/14 RC Hydraulic Trailer Remote Control Truck Model 5+3 Hydraulically Suspended Truck

Degree 996 8 Axles Metal Painted 1/14 RC Hydraulic Trailer Remote Control Truck Model 5+3 Hydraulically Suspended Truck


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Item condition: New, Assembled and Painted.
Scale: 1/14
Material: Metal, Plastic
Net Weight: 12.5KG
Recommended Car Battery (Not Included): 3pcs 2S Lithium/Li-polymer/LiPo Battery (Please contact me if you want to buy the battery)
Battey Compartment: Gooseneck 80*50*50mm, 3 Axles 70*50*10mm, 5 Alxes 80*50*20mm
ID: DG-996-3Axles-FlatBed-5Axles-R

The Package Includes:
1/14 Trailer Model

The Package Does Not Include:
Light System
Sound System
Remote Controller and Receiver
Hydraulic Oil

1. The total length of the trailer is 1700mm and it consists of a gooseneck, a three-axle trailer, a low bed, and a five-axle trailer.
2. The steering of the three-axle and five-axle trailers changes with the steering of the gooseneck.
3. The width of the low bed can be remotely adjusted and ranges from 220mm to 260mm.
4. The three-axle and five-axle trailers have hydraulic suspensions to improve the trailer's clearance height.
5. The net weight of the entire trailer is 13 KG, with a maximum load capacity of 40 KG.
6. The front toolbox height can be adjusted from 140mm to 250mm above the ground, the hitch height can be adjusted from 50mm to 140mm above the ground, and the height of the three-axle and five-axle trailers can be adjusted from 78mm to 110mm. The width is 220mm.
7. It is recommended to use three 2s (7.4v) 1800-3000mAh 25c lithium batteries (with JST connectors) for the gooseneck, three-axle trailer, and five-axle trailer (Batteries are not included). The dimensions of the battery compartments are: gooseneck - 80*50*50mm, three-axle trailer - 70*50*10mm, five-axle trailer - 80*50*20mm.
8. The vehicle requires two 12-18 channel receivers and a light module (The light module is not included). The light module needs to be installed inside the five-axle trailer. All light circuits are connected in series with resistors, with a maximum voltage of 5V.

1. It is recommended not to exceed 100% in adjusting the throttle of all motor controllers. Since the motor controllers are developed by the manufacturer themselves, they have reserved considerations for heat dissipation and current. Exceeding 100% throttle can lead to signal loss and a restart of the motor controller.
2. During the vehicle connection process, make sure to carefully and slowly dock before raising the suspension system to ensure a successful connection.
3. During driving, be sure to retract the gooseneck lifting servo to its original position to prevent it from hitting the rear main beam and causing servo burnout.
4. During trailer operation with a load on the low bed, it is strictly prohibited to adjust the width of the low bed. Otherwise, it may result in a failure of the width adjustment, burning out the width adjustment motor, and other damages.
5. The push rod at the bottom of the gooseneck can only be set to push down, and the opposite side's servo should be set to 0 to avoid hitting the motor.
6. The trailer manufacturer has already filled the hydraulic oil in advance. Unless the trailer is leaking oil, there is no need to add oil. If oil needs to be added due to oil leakage during transportation, add only half a milliliter each time. If it is still not enough after adjustment, continue adding oil (half a milliliter each time). The oil should be added equally on both sides; otherwise, the suspension lift may become uneven. The amount of oil added should not be too little, as it will not have a significant lifting effect, nor too much, as it may cause the oil hose to burst.
7. The default steering mode set by the manufacturer is brake steering, which means the steering of the three-axle and five-axle trailers changes with the gooseneck's steering. If you want to change the steering of the three-axle and five-axle trailers to remote control adjustment, the servo throw of the steering servo should be set within 30-40%.
8. Align and tighten the connection between the three-axle trailer and the low bed before locking it, as a misaligned connection can cause damage and deformation to the springs. It is recommended to adjust the servo throw of the locking servo to around 50%.

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item that you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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