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CROSSRC BT8 8X8 1/12 Painted RC Armored Model Radio Control Transport Vehicle RTR Emulated Military Car FlySky I6S

CROSSRC BT8 8X8 1/12 Painted RC Armored Model Radio Control Transport Vehicle RTR Emulated Military Car FlySky I6S


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Manufacturer: CROSS
Item Condition: New, Assembled and Painted.
Material: Plastic, Metal
Scale: 1/12
Car Size After Assembled: 700*278*266MM

The Package Includes:
1/12 BT8 RC Military Car Model
Two-speed Transmission
Light System
Sound System
FlySky I6S Remote Controller and Receiver

1. All-Metal Construction: The BT8 features a robust all-metal structure with an 8-wheel independent suspension system, significantly enhancing the vehicle's durability and impact resistance.
2. Advanced Suspension System: The 8-wheel independent suspension system is based on real military vehicles and incorporates 8 sets of torsion bars and 12 shock absorbers, providing ample support while maintaining dynamic maneuverability. Players can customize the suspension by replacing torsion bars to achieve their desired damping effect.
3. All-Wheel Steering System: The BT8 is equipped with a full-time all-wheel steering system, utilizing dual servos to control the steering of axles 1, 2, 3, and 4. Through mixed control operations and adjusting the front-to-rear steering ratio, the vehicle achieves an impressively tight turning radius of just 0.53 meters.
4. Innovative Direct Axle Full-Drive Belt Transmission System: The BT8 introduces a dynamic simulated model with a lightweight direct axle full-drive belt transmission system. This design not only reduces weight but also improves transmission efficiency, lowering the vehicle's center of gravity and enhancing its off-road handling.
5. All-Metal 2-Speed Transmission: The BT8 is equipped with an all-metal 2-speed transmission with power take-off (PTO) functionality. The M0.8 module all-metal machined gears offer compatibility with various power systems available in the market.
6. Amphibious Capability: Inspired by its real-world counterpart, the BT8 is designed to operate in water with the inclusion of water jet propulsion, allowing it to float and navigate through water with ease.
7. Modular Design with Water-Sealing Technology: The BT8 follows a two-module design, separating the driving module from the equipment module and ensuring water-tight compartments. Each module connection features a sealed waterproof design, making post-water play maintenance hassle-free.
8. Deployable Splash Guards: Just like the real vehicle, the BT8 comes with foldable splash guards (wave deflectors) that effectively prevent water from entering the body while floating in the water.
9. Rotating Turret with Functional Details: The upper section of the vehicle features an infinitely rotating turret, equipped with a controllable KPVT main gun (made from CNC-machined 6061 aluminum). The turret can be adjusted for elevation and depression. Detailed replicas of PKT machine guns, multiple smoke launchers, periscopes, low-light, and infrared night vision devices are also included, adding to the realism.
10. Intricate Vehicle Details: The BT8 boasts numerous meticulously crafted metal tow hooks, cables, anti-collision features, and infantry handrails, enhancing the authenticity and adding to the overall visual appeal of the model.

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