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1/14 K970 200 970 Kabolite Front Shove Ready-to-Run Metal RC Hydraulic Excavator RTR Lights Sounds PL18EV lite Radio Flight Case

1/14 K970 200 970 Kabolite Front Shove Ready-to-Run Metal RC Hydraulic Excavator RTR Lights Sounds PL18EV lite Radio Flight Case



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Manufacturer: Kabolite
Item Condition: New,Assembled and Painted
Material: Metal, Plastic
Color: White/Yellow
Excavator Size: 685*312*392MM
Excavator Weight: 30.5KG
Package Size: 1090*470*450MM
Package Weight: 57KG
Maximum Digging Depth: 121.5M
Digging Power: 20~50KG

The Package Includes:
1/14 RC Hydraulic Excavator Model
Flysky PL18EV Lite Radio Controller
3S 11.1V 15000mAh Battery
English Manual Book
Screwdriver Tool
Light System
Sound System

Main Features:
1, The sound system has four sound effects: engine start and stop sound, horn sound, tracks sound and engine roar sound.
2, The battery is 11.1V 3S 15000mah l lithium battery and packed with charging and discharging protection plate, which can avoid overcharge and over discharge. When you use the original charger, it takes about 2 hours to fill.
The battery uses the standard XT60 plug. After the plug is connected to the socket on the left, it will not be powered on immediately. You need to press the special power self-locking switch to really turn on the battery. There is also a power indicator here, you can check the usage of the battery.
3, The K970-200 is equipped with a high-pressure oil pump, the working pressure is about 3.5Mpa (35kg), and the limit pressure is about 6-8mpa. Here is a pressure gauge, you can check the pressure at any time. 4 channels directional valve, respectively corresponding to the action is: main arm, small arm, bucket. Please note that this package does not contain hydraulic oil, you need to prepare it by yourself. It is recommended to use #32 or #46 hydraulic oil.
4, The integrated multi-channel hydraulic oil module makes the excavator interior more clean and orderly.
5, When you get this K970-200, you need to inject some oil into the oil tank first, and then run your excavator to fill each oil cylinder and oil pipe with oil. In the process of operation, you need to inject oil into the oil tank several times until the excavator can operate normally, it will use about 200ML of oil. Note that there is an observation window in the oil tank to observe the position of the hydraulic oil, which you can check the oil.
6, The travel and rotation of K970-200 is driven brushless motor and planetary reducer. The torque of travel drive is about 80kg, the speed of travel is about 46RPM, the driving torque of the rotating disc is 60kg, and the rotating speed of the rotating disc is 8rpm, and the maximum travel speed is 0.6km/h. The rotating disc can be rotated clockwise and anticlockwise without limit.
7, The original hydraulic display screen in the cab shows the working pressure and temperature of hydraulic system and the voltage of the main power in real time.
8, The K970-200 is equipped with a large of brass tubes, and the oil cylinder is also equipped with oil cylinder guard plate, which can protect the oil cylinder.
9, This K970-200 is also equipped with stainless steel drive system (tracks, return rollers and driving wheels) and full metal body.

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