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US STOCK HG 4x3 1/16 RC Rock Crawler Car Remote Control Electric Off-road Vehicles Model Sounds Painted and Assembled

US STOCK HG 4x3 1/16 RC Rock Crawler Car Remote Control Electric Off-road Vehicles Model Sounds Painted and Assembled



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Note: Smoking oil cannot be sent by international express. You need to buy smoke oil (ethylene glycol) locally.

Manufacturer: HG
Item Condition: New, Painted and Assembled
Material: Plastic, Metal
Vehicle Size: 255.5x102.3x111.8mm

The Package Includes:
1/16 HG4-53 RC Crawler Car Model
Light System
Sound System
Smoke Unit
2.4G Remote Controller and Receiver
User Manual
Chargeable Battery
USB Charging Cable

1. Precision Performance:
- Impressive Gear Ratio: Equipped with a 1:44.6 gear ratio, providing exceptional torque and crawling capabilities for conquering various terrains.
- Optimal Wheelbase: Designed with a front and rear wheelbase of 140.6mm, along with a left and right track width of 89.6mm, ensuring stability and maneuverability.

2. Rugged Design:
- Realistic Wheel Size: Features ||????¡§???43.6mm wheels that offer excellent traction and durability, enabling the crawler to navigate rugged landscapes with ease.

3. Advanced Remote Control:
- Extensive Range: Enjoy seamless control with a remote control range of up to 60 meters on interference-free and open grounds.
- Full Proportional Pistol-Grip Control: Immerse yourself in the driving experience with a full proportional pistol-grip remote control, providing precise and responsive handling.
- Extended Playtime: The remote control offers a playtime of approximately 30 minutes, allowing you to explore and conquer obstacles for longer durations.

4. Efficient Charging:
- Convenient Built-in Charging: The model features an integrated charging board, complete with charging cables and a universal smartphone charger, making charging hassle-free.
- Quick Charge Time: Recharge the 7.4V 500mAh 3C lithium battery in just about 4 hours, ensuring minimal downtime between your adventures.

5. Dynamic Drive System:
- Powerful Brushed Motor: Outfitted with a brand-new 050 brushed motor with 19000 RPM and strong magnetic properties, delivering robust performance and responsive acceleration.
- Versatile 2-in-1 Drive Board: Switch effortlessly between brake and brake-free modes for a customizable driving experience.
- Low Voltage Protection: The drive board includes a low voltage protection feature, triggering a slowdown alert when the battery voltage reaches critical levels.

6. Enhanced Components:
- Responsive Steering: Equipped with a lightweight 9g digital servo, the crawler offers quick and precise steering for navigating tight spots.

7. Immersive Features:
- Remote-Controlled Smoke Generator: Add excitement to your driving experience with a controllable smoke generator. Switch it on or off remotely and enjoy 25 minutes of operation before it automatically turns off. (Smoke oil is not included)
- Realistic Lighting System: Illuminate your path with the fully controllable vehicle lighting system, including synchronized turn signals and throttle-linked lighting effects.
- Immersive Sound System: Experience enhanced realism with an integrated sound system, further immersing you in the thrill of off-road adventures.

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