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US STOCK CROSSRC 1/10 JT6 6WD 6X6 RC Crawler Remote Control Flatbed Car 2.4GHz Model PNP ESC Motor Servo Lights DIY

US STOCK CROSSRC 1/10 JT6 6WD 6X6 RC Crawler Remote Control Flatbed Car 2.4GHz Model PNP ESC Motor Servo Lights DIY



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Item Condition: New, Assembled and Painted.
Brand: CROSS
Material: Plastic, Metal
Scale: 1/10
Size: 707*236*275mm
Wheelbase: 313mm, 138mm
Color: Yellow

The Package Includes:
Assembled and Painted 1/10 JT6 RC Car
Two-speed Transmission
Remote Controller and Receiver

The Package Doesn't Include:
Sound System
Light System

1. Equipped with a controllable two-speed gearbox, 6-wheel three-axle controllable differential lock (front axle and rear double axle controlled by 2 servos), reinforced portal axles, and 120mm MUD tires for excellent off-road performance.
2. Chassis: EMO's ultra-low center of gravity chassis with a front power system and center differential all-wheel drive, providing excellent weight distribution and handling for off-roading.
3. Rear plate: The JT6's rear plate is made of tough and reliable ABS engineering plastic, and can hold various 1/10 scale running and drifting vehicles.
4. Three-axle portal: The JT6's third axle is directly driven from the center differential box through a portal system. This solution has been tested in the AT6 and is better suited for 6x6 crawlers, ensuring direct power to the rear two axles for climbing and obstacle crossing without the issue of gear grinding that may occur with a through-axle design.
5. Differential lock control: The JT6's differential locks are controlled by two servos, with one servo for the front steering axle and one for the rear two axles. This allows for more flexible control of the differential locks.
6. Powertrain: The low center of gravity, lightweight, and small size all-metal gear two-speed gearbox is paired with a well-designed high/low gear ratio. The low gear ratio can reach a maximum reduction of 49.8, suitable for heavy-load climbing, while the high gear ratio is 25.2, double the speed of the low gear ratio, allowing for fast traversing without lagging behind. In 2021, some players even used this gearbox to push the AT4 to a top speed of 110km/h. The EMO AT6 also comes standard with a 550 torque motor.
7. Axles: The imported reinforced material portal axles have been tested in many extremely cold areas such as Harbin, achieving the best balance between strength and flexibility.
8. Suspension: The all-metal CNC-machined shock absorbers, combined with specially tuned springs, provide both support and the most flexible axle posture.
9. MUD tires: The 120x45mm, 1.9-inch MUD CRAWLER tires, paired with lightweight beadlock wheels, have a total weight comparable to that of carbon fiber wheels, effectively reducing the load on the axles and enhancing the vehicle's explosive power. The MUD CRAWLER tires are made of selected synthetic materials and are highly recommended by many enthusiasts for their outstanding performance.

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