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LESU 1/14 PC36 RC Hydraulic Heavy-duty Remote Control Excavator Digger 3-Arm ET36L Ready to Run Painted PL18EV Lite

LESU 1/14 PC36 RC Hydraulic Heavy-duty Remote Control Excavator Digger 3-Arm ET36L Ready to Run Painted PL18EV Lite



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Manufacturer: LESU
Item Condition: New, Painted and Assembled
Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum alloy, Brass
Scale: 1/14
Color: Yellow
Net Weight of Product/KG: 18.7
Product Size/mm: 789*245*253

The Package Includes:
1/14 RC Excavator Model
Hydraulic System with 7-Way Reversing Valve
Light System
FlySky PL18EV Lite Remote Controller and Receiver

The Package Does Not Include:
Sound System
Hydraulic Oil

1. Three-section digging arm, large cylinder design, more flexible contraction.
2. The oil circuit system is more reliable with the newly designed overflow valve.
3. 8% of the oil system is welded with copper, and 9% of the whole machine is made of metal.
4. Modular design of the whole machine, aluminum alloy excavator arm and counterweight are CNC machined.
5. Full machine lighting, equipped with a high-simulated electronic display.
6. Precision hydraulic system: more coordinated, smooth and linear action.

Technical parameters:
Height from the top of the cab to the ground/mm: 232.7
Height from the bottom of the working platform to the ground/mm: 84
The total length of track/mm: 328.6
Wheelbase (center distance between the drive wheel and idler wheel)/mm: 26
Ground clearance at the bottom of X-frame/mm: 29
Minimum turning radius/mm: 238.7
Maximum digging height/mm: 88.7
Rotation speed (r/mim): 1
Slewing drive reduction ratio: 1:2
Rotating motor speed (r/min): 15
Maximum pressure of hydraulic workstation/mpa: 4
Rated pressure of hydraulic workstation/mpa: 3
Maximum unloading height/mm: 636.5
Maximum digging depth/mm: 488.2
Maximum digging radius/mm: 791.7
Maximum digging radius on the ground/mm: 761.7
Track Gauge/mm: 187
Track width/mm: 43
Total width of excavator/mm: 244.5
Traveling drive wheel speed (r/mim): 48
Travel drive reduction ratio: 1:139
Traveling motor speed (r/min): 12
Number of reversing valves: 7
Number of hydraulic pumps: 1

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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