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HengLong Factory 1/16 3818 German Tiger 1 Full Metal Chassis Plastic Upper Hull RTR RC Tank Speaker 360Degrees Turret Smoke Gearbox

HengLong Factory 1/16 3818 German Tiger 1 Full Metal Chassis Plastic Upper Hull RTR RC Tank Speaker 360Degrees Turret Smoke Gearbox



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"Item Condition: New. If you need me to upgrade your tank, we can help.
In case your tank get a severe breakage in shipping or playing, just contact me coz we can easily help you to restore. There is no necessity to open a case.

After Sale Service:
If u have got a broken tank, please let me know first, we know 100% of this tank and can help and tell you how to fix. We have the ability to handle any trouble of the tank.
We provide all parts of the tank.
We can provide upgrade parts but you must has the ability to install.

The Package includes:
Factory original full metal chassis
Metal Tracks
Metal Roadwheels
Metal Sprockets and idlers
Metal latest factory original sealed driving gearbox
HengLong Latest metal case 7.1 mainboard and controller(2 sounds options)
Plastic upper hull and plastic turret
Barrel recoil function turret
Infrared TX/RX

About Upgradability:
This tank could be upgraded to metal versions with more functions by toucanhobby.
You can buy metal Spare Part such as metal tracks, sprockets, idlers, metal bearings, road wheels, return rollers, better metal gearboxes(we customize some special gearboxes), better batteries(5000mah-6000mah), 360 degree limitless rotation system, barrel recoil system, infrared function, flash and laser function, shooting system and so on. Please contact toucanhobby. Flash function mimics real tank firing effect. Infrared function provides more fun and you could mimic a real tank battle with your friends who has a similar infrared tank. Barrel recoil mimics real tank firing barrel recoil function. Laser provides your tank a cool and surrealistic aiming effect. Shooting system provides your tank with stable shooting function. Some tank could be upgraded to be full metal chassis and hull.

HengLong RC tank is hobby grade but not toy grade, we expect our buyer is capable of learning how to maintain this tank, coz the tank will wear and get glitches in running. Lacking manipulative ability will result in reducing your enjoyment of running the tank.
Suitable for people with manipulative ability.
Not suitable for people without interest to maintain the tank and exchange parts.
Not suitable for people too busy to learn from seller about how to use and maintain, though we are always kind to tell you how to do that.
Please be cautious to buy this hobby product, this tank only suitable for people ages above 14!

Hassle-Free trouble-solving:
If you got any trouble in running the tank, we would provide direct contact and help by calling and video.
If your tank inner part got problem, we would provide your exchange part for free or partial payment.
You don???????o?????????t need to worry to explore the tank model structure and open the hull, furthermore, even you got something broken, you will still get help from us, and every part of this tank is available to be provided and exchanged to new condition.
Generally we could provide our seller suitable tools for disassembly and assembly.


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