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CORSSRC EMO XL 1/8 6WD 6x6 RC Crawler Car Radio Control Off-road Hauler Vehicles DIY Model Two-speed Transmission 775*302*288mm

CORSSRC EMO XL 1/8 6WD 6x6 RC Crawler Car Radio Control Off-road Hauler Vehicles DIY Model Two-speed Transmission 775*302*288mm



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Manufacturer: CROSS
Item Condition: New, Assembled and Painted.
Material: Plastic, Metal
Scale: 1/8
Wheelbase: 375mm, 150mm

The Package Includes:
1/8 EMO XL RC Car Model
Two-speed Transmission
Light System
Sound Effect
Remote Controller and Receiver

The Package Does Not Include:
Sound System


Enhanced Drivetrain for Six-Wheel Drive:
1. Specifically developed for six-wheel drive, the EMO XL employs a portal axle drivetrain with a dual-reverse portal axle structure as its driving foundation. Equipped with front and rear independently controllable differential locks (simultaneous control for rear dual axles) and a dual-speed high-strength all-metal gear transmission box, meeting the demands of current popular high-power high-speed climbing gameplay.
2. The suspension fixation for the third axle of the EMO XL utilizes a combination of aerospace aluminum and fiber, providing both strength and lightweight characteristics. This greatly enhances the vehicle's reliability by reinforcing the impact resistance of the rear axle suspension during unexpected situations while climbing slopes.

Stable and Reliable Base Platform:
1. The Crossrc 1/8 EMO platform has undergone three generations of evolution, continuously strengthening and upgrading, providing reliable and high-performance assurance for the new EMO XL.
2. The metal gear reverse transmission gearbox, featuring an aerospace aluminum CNC motor mount, effectively dissipates motor heat; internal gears utilize a mix of machined and MIM-injected gears, achieving high strength, low noise, and wear resistance.
3. The entire vehicle is equipped with ABEC3 level high-precision bearings, ensuring quiet and smooth operation, and extending maintenance intervals.
4. Suspension rods utilize 7mm diameter 304 stainless steel rods, wear-resistant and rustproof, also lowering the center of gravity; suspension rod ball heads have been upgraded to larger reinforced ball heads, providing increased durability and impact resistance.
5. Large diameter 21mm CNC shock absorbers, featuring vacuum-plated shock rods, enhance shock absorption smoothness and improve damping oil performance, providing strong support while maintaining flexible posture performance; filled with 350CST shock oil and assembled with proper venting from the factory.
6. Reinforced main beams for heavy loads, meeting the demands of high-power modifications and violent high-speed gameplay without easy damage.
7. Robust front and rear portal axles, using imported high-performance weather-resistant nylon, meeting the strength requirements for playing in low temperatures.
8. Second-generation rear balance linkage system, updated geometry data based on new structures, pioneered in the model industry in 2022 with the CROSSRC EMOX Rhinoceros, effectively enhancing rolling center of gravity control during high-speed maneuvering without affecting shock absorber performance, ensuring smooth operation.
9. High-performance AT tires, the same as those used by the EMO X3, tailored tire patterns for comprehensive traction performance explosion.
10. Equipped with high-power light groups as standard, with grille warning lights, featuring multiple modes controllable via remote.
11. The entire vehicle adopts a 7.4V high-voltage circuit, full-range servo shifting and differential lock control mechanism, customized 4S 880 ESC from Hobbywing, and a linear high-power 560 carbon brush motor. Subsequent upgrades to advanced servos and remote control require no concerns about power supply or differential settings, making it simple and convenient.
12. Equipped with entertaining and controllable dual-audio sound effects, featuring fun sounds such as horn, alarm, music, etc., freely replaceable and controllable sound effects.

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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