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Metal Trailer for LESU 1/14 Hydraulic RC Tractor Radio Control Truck Hobby Model Lifting Tailboard KIT Version

Metal Trailer for LESU 1/14 Hydraulic RC Tractor Radio Control Truck Hobby Model Lifting Tailboard KIT Version



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Manufacturer: LESU
Item Condition: New
Material: Stainless Steel, Wood, Aluminum Alloy, Rubber
Suitable For: 1/14 RC Tractor Truck Remote Control Dumper Car Construction Vehicles, DIY Model
ID: LS-A0041-KIT

The Package Includes:
1pc Metal Trailer Model Parts
Hydraulic System with Pump, ESC, Cylinder

1. Hydraulic Lift System for Tailgate: The trailer features a hydraulic lift system with a hydraulic pump (including electronic control), overflow valve, directional valve, two hydraulic cylinders, and a matching oil tank. This system allows smooth and controlled lifting and lowering of the tailgate.
2. Aluminum Alloy Landing Legs: The front two landing legs are constructed from aluminum alloy and equipped with brushed motors and electronic controls. These legs offer electrically powered extension and retraction for convenient setup.
3. Three-Axle Non-Powered Chassis: The trailer utilizes a three-axle non-powered chassis with CNC-refined wheel hubs and high-quality rubber tires. The suspension system replicates the realism of airbag suspension.
4. Widening Support Devices: The trailer is equipped with widening support devices on both sides, enabling it to accommodate larger construction machinery. This enhances its versatility for various hauling needs.
5. Wooden Board Pedal Decoration: The model features wooden board pedal decorations that closely replicate the appearance of real vehicle pedals, adding to the authenticity.
6. Realistic Details and Decorations: On both sides of the trailer, there are simulated toolboxes, stainless steel side rails, and metal cylinder decorations, adding a touch of sophistication and attention to detail.
7. Lights: The trailer includes rear lights, clearance lights, license plate lights, and a rotating warning light on the tailgate. (Note: The trailer does not come with a light system and battery; players need to provide their own or connect to the towing vehicle's light system, requiring DIY.)

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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