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1/14 Metal Painted Assembled RC Hydraulic Demolition Excavator Remote Controlled Digger Trucks 374 UHD 2pcs Boom+1pc Arm

1/14 Metal Painted Assembled RC Hydraulic Demolition Excavator Remote Controlled Digger Trucks 374 UHD 2pcs Boom+1pc Arm



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Item Condition: New, Assembled & Painted
Scale: 1/14
Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Plastic
Technology: CNC, 3D Printing, Die-casting
ID: BMG-Carter374-UHD-3Arms-PL18EVLite-RTR-Y

The package includes:
1/14 Hydraulic Demolition Excavator
Hydraulic System
Sound System
Light System
Flysky Paladin PL18EV Lite Radio System
3S 10200MAH Battery

The package doesn't include:
Charger (please contact me to get one!)
Hydraulic Oil

Main Feature:
1, This is a demolition excavator comes with a 2-piece demolition booms and 1-piece extension arm, which differs in shape and structure from the 2-piece booms used in the standard excavator. The body is mostly composed of CNC metal, a little part use 3D printing material. The net weight of this excavator is about 26.5KG; Ready to run version, just enjoy your time!
2, This demolition excavator is equipped with semi-automatic quick removable seat, metal 5 channles reversing valve, metal hydraulic oil pump with 5055 brushless motor, also it comes with light system and sound system, the sound system completely imitates the real excavator!
3, The angle of the extension arm can be adjusted by hand, the adjustable range is 18?? (with reset latch)
4, You can upgrade it to a 2-piece booms + 2-piece extension arms demolition excavator, please contact me to get the extension arm.
5, With cab lift function, the maximum lifting angle is 30 ??, and the cab lifting process supports staying in any position.
6, After receiving the excavator, please replace the screws of the fuel tank filling port with breathable screws and add 3-4 white sealing rings (this part is in the parts package) before use.
7, Please note that the recommended oil pump pressure is less than 2.6MPA, and the oil pump throttle stroke should be less than 60%; Rotating motors, drive wheels and other accessories are composed of multi-stage planets, the torque is very large, and it is recommended that the throttle stroke be less than 70% in order to protect the gear set more effectively; The above proposes that the oil pump, the rotary module and the drive wheel part cannot be used for a long time in the presence of immovable obstacles, otherwise the motor teeth will be damaged or the motor will be burned.

If you have any query or are not sure whether it is correct item that you want, pls feel free to ask me before purchase.

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