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US Stock HG P415A 4x4 1/10 RC Off-road Vehicle Hummer Pick-up Remote Control Car Simulation Hobby Models Toy Gift

US Stock HG P415A 4x4 1/10 RC Off-road Vehicle Hummer Pick-up Remote Control Car Simulation Hobby Models Toy Gift


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Brand: HG
Item Condition: New
Material: Metal, Plastic
Wheelbase: 329mm
Recommended Battery: 7.4V 3000mAh/4500mAh Li-Po Battery (Not included in the package)

This Product Includes:
1/10 Model Body
User Manual
Radio system
Accessories Bag

This Product Does Not include:
Light System
Sound System

1. The new 570 class brush motor (12500 rpm, built-in fan, strong magnet, double bearings) can effectively reduce the torque attenuation caused by the heat generated by the motor during operation.
2. 9KG waterproof alloy gear digital steering gear.
3. 45A ESC: It can switch between braking mode and non-braking mode, and it can switch between Li PO and NI-HM battery protection modes.
a. ESC is equipped with low-voltage protection: when the battery voltage is too low, the power regulator will start the power failure protection.
b. High-temperature protection: when the working temperature of the electric regulator is higher than the set value, the electric regulator will start the power-off protection; When the temperature drops to the normal value, it returns to normal.
4. Independent suspension structure and wheel reducer structure are also adopted. This kind of suspension has better elasticity, can absorb road vibration, and can drive stably at high speed.
5. The manual differential lock structure enables the front and rear axles to lock and unlock the differential independently to meet the driving needs of more terrain.
6. The adjustable shock absorber can obtain the best shock absorption effect by adjusting the compression or release spring length of the shock absorption ring.
7. The ratio of two-speed transmission can be switched (TOP GEAR 1:20.77 LOW GEAR 1:38.77).
8. Throttle drive neutral adjustment, brake or no brake mode switching, positive and negative switching.
9. Steering percentage amplitude adjustment, angle percentage and gear percentage amplitude adjustment, positive and negative switching.
10. The standard added front and rear all-metal bumper makes the model car more stable and durable.
11. With 5 all-terrain natural rubber tires, tire size: 22x38x55mm-R100-12mm hexagonal wheel connector - maximum width of left and right tires: 225mm.
12. Full alloy underbody, with front and rear metal anti-collision, left and right nylon mudguards, enhances off-road impact resistance, and can easily cope with various terrains.
13. The axle is upgraded to ¦µ 6 steel shaft, greatly increasing the service life and off-road capability. The material of differential planetary gear has been replaced, making it have more room for power upgrading.
14. The gearbox adopts a 570 motor to provide more powerful power for the car.
15. New 17CH remote control

1, Please read the instruction before any use, if you are a beginner, it's advisable to be assisted by an experienced adult.
2, Don't touch the motor and chassis which is normal to be high temperature for off-road car after playing.
3, Don't keep the car running by two batteries, when one is power off, let the motor cool down for about 10 minutes, or the motor maybe burnt out.

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

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