On Sale In Stock 1:10 HooBen German Tiger I RC Tank Infrared Recoil Radio Control Model Metal Chassis Ready To Go Assembled Painted

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※Item Condition:
1, New, Painted and Assembled.
2, The tank is RTR version without infrared recoil system, Camera System, Smoke Unit and slip ring.
3, This tank is fully hand-made refitted.
4, Infrared combating system supports more than two tanks fighting together. Once one of the tanks have been shot several times, the shot tank went into sleep condition.
5, Size: 628mm*356mm*286mm

※After Sale Service:
If u have got a problem, please let me know first, we can help and tell you how to fix. We have the ability to handle any trouble of the tank.

※The tank included (This tank is very heavy):
Tank Body
2pcs Metal gearbox with motor
Barrel rotating gearbox
Barrel recoil gearbox
Barrel up and down servo
Tank Mainboard
RC System

※The tank doesn't include: (you need to buy and load by yourself)
Camera System
Smoke Unit
Infrared Recoil System
Slip Ring

※Metal Parts:
Metal Driving Gearbox
Metal Chassis
Metal wheels Arms
Metal Suspension

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