H620 Prepainted Blue Purple Red Fiber Glass DIY Model Electric Racing KIT RC Boat Hull for Advanced Player 612*168*100mm Present

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Our RC KIT boat models are hobby grade, it is a Hull BUT NOT COMPLETE. we expect our buyer are having a capable of assembling this boat. Lacking manipulative ability will result in reducing your satisfaction of purchasing and assembling the boat.
Suitable for people with manipulative ability
Not suitable for people without interest to assemble the boat.

KIT means it is just a well painted empty fiber glass boat HULL, none of the parts are included. You need to fix the mount board inside the boat and load all your own electronic or engine parts into this kit and you need to do some cutting and polishing jobs. KIT is suitable for advanced player who has skillful manipulative ability, or else it will be a very hard thing for you.

Item Condition:
New, if you need me to upgrade your boat, we can help.

Name: Raytheon
Hull Material: Fiber Glass
Hull Size:612*168*100mm
Color: Blue/Purple/Red

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