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CN Stock Second-hand 1/14 Metal CNC Heavy 4Axle Steering Trailer 999 For TAMIYA RC Tractor Truck

CN Stock Second-hand 1/14 Metal CNC Heavy 4Axle Steering Trailer 999 For TAMIYA RC Tractor Truck



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This is a second hand item. After you get it, if there's any problem, please contact with us immediately and provide pictures and videos. We will offer you free technical assistance, replacements and solutions. Please rest assured.

Item Condition:The model is an older version with a defective tailboard. It has had problems with functioning before, but has been returned to the factory for repair.


Scale: 1/14

Material: Aluminum Alloy, Plastic, Ruer

Size: 1280*170*197mm

Color: Red

Weight: 7KG

Battery: 2S 7.4V 25C Lipo Battery(Not Included)

Suitable For: 1/14 TAMIYA RC Tractor Truck, DIY Models

ID: DG-999-R

The Package Includes:

1/14 RC Trailer Model



Light System

Integrated Circuit Board

The package doesn't include:


RC Controller & Receiver

Main Features:

1. The whole length of the trailer is 1280mm, the horizontal height is 170mm, the horizontal clearance from the ground is 13mm, and the middle width is adjusted by 197-235mm;

2. The weight of the trailer is 7kg, and the load limit weight is 30kg;

3. It is recommended to use 2s (7.4v) 3000 MAH lithium battery;

4. The wheels of the trailer can rotate with the direction of the tractor;

5. Here is a metal rod controlled by a brush motor to split this trailer and your tractor by remote control;

6. The trailer has 6 servos. One of them is use to change the width of middle plate; one is use to control the front support of trailer£»the other four servos are use to control the four axles to steering.


1. It is suggested that the electric adjustment of screw motor should not raise and lower the full throttle.Due to the electric adjustment developed by ourselves, the heat dissipation and current should be reserved.When the full throttle is turned on, it is easy to lose the signal and restart the electric adjustment.

2. In the process of driving, it is necessary to pay attention to the retraction and placement of the front jack up steering gear to prevent the steering gear mechanism from standing against the rear girder of the truck, resulting in the burning of the servo steering gear.

3. In the process of driving, when there is a transportation load in the middle, it is strictly prohibited to adjust the width. Otherwise, the width adjustment fails and the width adjustment servo motor burns down.

4. There are Brake lamp, clearance lamp, license lamp, reversing lamp, left turn signal lamp, right turn signal lamp;The light transmission is Bluetooth transmission. Pay attention to the signal interference. If the red lights of the transmitter and the receiver are flashing, it means that the signal is lost without matching.

Each socket at the transmitting end is divided into positive and negative poles, which are connected to light wire corresponding to the headlamp group.

5. The light system includes the transmitter and the receiver. The receiver and lights have been installed on the Trailer. The transmitter needs to be wired by yourself.

If you have any query or are not sure whether it is correct item that you want, pls feel free to ask me before purchase.

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