After-sale Service

1, We are primary dealer of Henglong, and can provide all HengLong RC models. All problems of HengLong RC tanks can be solved by toucanhobby. We will share many videos and upgrade events here

If u have got a broken tank caused by shipping, please let me know first, we know 100% of this tank and can easily help and tell you how to restore. There is no necessity to open a case.
We have the ability to handle any trouble of the tank and refitting.
We provide all parts of the tank.
We can provide upgrade parts but you must has the ability to install.

2, LESU RC is leading RC construction car producer in the wrold. We Toucanhobby are LESU RC authorised US distributor general agency, responsible for all after sale service. We customizes, assembles, paints, maintains, fixs, troubleshoots for our customers.